A human-friendly command line tool for the GitHub API
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$ cnpm install @financial-times/github 
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GitHub Command Line Tool

A human-friendly1 command line tool for the GitHub API.

1 script-friendly too :)



Global installation (recommmended)

npm install --global @financial-times/github

When you run the tool, it will automatically notify you if there is a newer version of it available for you to update to.

You can disable notifications if you'd prefer not to be notified about updates.

No installation

npx @financial-times/github

The npx command lets you use this tool without installing it. However, each time you use npx it downloads the whole package from the npm registry, which takes a while. That's why global installation is reccommended.

Note: If this tool is globally installed, npx @financial-times/github will use that globally installed version rather than downloading.



# Display help.
github <command>

# Display help for the command.
github --version

# Show the version number.

Working with GitHub Projects

github add-pull-request [--column-url] [--pull-request-url]

# Add a pull request to a GitHub project column.
github close-project <github-url>

# Set the state of an existing project board to `closed`.
github create-project <github-url> [--body]

# Create a new project.

@see: src/commands/projects/README.md for more details.

Working with GitHub Pull Requests

github close-pull-request <github-url>

# Set the state of an existing pull request to `closed`.
github create-comment <github-url> [--body]

# Create a comment on an existing pull request.
github create-review-request <github-url> [reviewers|team-reviewers]

# Request a review for a pull request.
github create-pull-request <github-url> [--base] [--body] [--title]

# Create a new pull request.
github delete-comment <github-url>

# Delete a comment on an existing pull request.
github delete-review-request <github-url> [reviewers|team-reviewers]

# Delete a review for a pull request.
github merge-pull-request <github-url> [--method]

# Merge an existing pull request.
github open-pull-request <github-url>

# Set the state of an existing pull request to `open`.

@see: src/commands/pulls/README.md for more details.

Global Options


# Format command output as JSON string.

# GitHub personal access token.
# Generate one at https://github.com/settings/tokens

Note: You can omit the --token argument, because it will default to $GITHUB_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN.

In that case you will need to export the token to your environment:

export $GITHUB_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN=[your token here]


Command hierarchy and directory structure

This project loosely follows the example provided in the Yargs documentation for command hierarchy and directory structure.


CamelCase, hyphen-case and under_scores

  • All yargs commands and filenames are in hyphen-case.
  • All function names and variables are in camelCase.
  • The parameters used by Octokit are in under_score format.

Code formatting and linting

Package.json scripts

npm run unit-test

# jest --coverage
npm run test

# npm run lint && npm run unit-test
npm run lint

# eslint src/ bin/ test/
npm run lint-fix

# eslint --fix eslint --fix src/ bin/ test/
npm run eslint-check

# eslint --print-config . | eslint-config-prettier-check

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