The CLI entry-point for the FAB ecosystem
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$ cnpm install @fab/cli 
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FAB Command Line Interface

fab: the CLI entry-point for the FAB ecosystem

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$ npm install -g @fab/cli
running command...
$ fab (-v|--version|version)
@fab/cli/0.0.7-alpha.8 darwin-x64 node-v13.6.0
$ fab --help [COMMAND]
  $ fab COMMAND


fab build

Generate a FAB given the config (usually in fab.config.json5)

  $ fab build

  -c, --config=config  [default: fab.config.json5] Path to config file
  -h, --help           show CLI help

  $ fab build
  $ fab build --config=fab.config.json5

See code: lib/commands/build.js

fab deploy [FILE]

Command line deployer for FABs

  $ fab deploy [FILE]

  -c, --config=config                    [default: fab.config.json5] Path to local config file
  -h, --help                             show CLI help
  -n, --cf_workers_name=cf_workers_name  Name for project. Will deploy to https://{name}.{your_cf_username}.workers.dev
  --aws_key=aws_key                      AWS Key for S3 upload (if not using ~/.fab/global.config.json5)
  --aws_secret=aws_secret                AWS Secret Key for S3 upload (if not using ~/.fab/global.config.json5)
  --cf_account_id=cf_account_id          Cloudflare Workers Account ID (if not using ~/.fab/global.config.json5)
  --cf_api_key=cf_api_key                Cloudflare Workers API key (if not using ~/.fab/global.config.json5)
  --cf_email=cf_email                    Cloudflare Workers Account Email (if not using ~/.fab/global.config.json5)
  --s3_asset_bucket=s3_asset_bucket      S3 Bucket name for asset upload

  $ fab-cf-workers deploy fab.zip

See code: lib/commands/deploy.js

fab help [COMMAND]

display help for fab

  $ fab help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

fab init

Generate a FAB config on a new project

  $ fab init

  -c, --config=config  [default: fab.config.json5] Config filename
  -h, --help           show CLI help
  -y, --yes            Assume yes to all prompts (must be in the root directory of a project)
  --skip-install       Do not attempt to npm install anything
  --version=version    What NPM version or dist-tag to use for installing FAB packages

  $ fab init
  $ fab init --config=fab.config.json5

See code: lib/commands/init.js

fab serve [FILE]

fab serve: Serve a FAB in a local NodeJS Express server

  $ fab serve [FILE]

  -c, --config=config        [default: fab.config.json5] Path to config file. Only used for SETTINGS in conjunction with

  -h, --help                 show CLI help

  --cert=cert                SSL certificate to use

  --env=env                  Override production settings with a different environment defined in your FAB config file.

  --experimental-v8-sandbox  Enable experimental V8::Isolate Runtime (in development, currently non-functional)

  --key=key                  Key for the SSL Certificate

  --port=port                (required) [default: 3000] Port to use

  $ fab serve fab.zip
  $ fab serve --port=3001 fab.zip
  $ fab serve --cert=local-ssl.cert --key=local-ssl.key fab.zip
  $ fab serve --env=staging fab.zip

See code: lib/commands/serve.js

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