Universal polyfill for match media API using Expo APIs on mobile
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$ cnpm install @expo/match-media 
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???? Welcome to

Universal polyfill for match media API using Expo APIs on mobile

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TL;DR: Demo

???? Setup

Install @expo/match-media in your project.

yarn add @expo/match-media

If you're using a React Native app that wasn't bootstrapped with the expo-cli then you'll need to install and link the expo module to use this package.

⚽️ Usage

Import the polyfill at the top of your file before using the window.matchMedia API.

import '@expo/match-media';
// use the match media API

What this does

  • In the browser: Nothing
  • In React Native apps: Polyfills the matchMedia API so you can use awesome libraries like react-responsive.


The Expo source code is made available under the MIT license. Some of the dependencies are licensed differently, with the BSD license, for example.

License: MIT

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