Service to download, confirm, and convert the pages of a PDF file into a series of images stored in Azure Blob storage.
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$ cnpm install @dynrl/pdf-to-img 
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This project wraps the pdf-poppler (currently using my fork found here) NPM module which, in turn, handles communication with the binaries of the Poppler library.

Since this project is an Azure Function Application, you will need to install the azure-function-core-tools NPM package run it locally.


Most of the source files can be found in the ~/src directory but anything Azure-specific can be found in the ~/azure directory.

The ~/azure directory has been initialized as an Azure Application Project, which is why there are the host.json and local.settings.json files present there. Each sub-folder will represent an Azure Function and contain, at the very least, function.json and index.js files. The index.js file is the main entry-point for your function.

NOTE: As of 2018-09-19, Azure Functions only supports NodeJs v6.x which does not support ES5 syntax. Because of this, the application must first be built before starting the test server. Version 2.0 of Azure Functions does not have this issue, but has not been released for general use yet.

A debugging server can be started by executing npm run start:dev. This will start the Azure Function development server using unminified code (see the console output for the URL to test against). If testing the minified code is needed, use npm run start:prod.

Unit Tests

The testing suite can be started by running npm test. This command will kick of the tests found in ~/src/tests/. These tests use files found in the ~/src/tests/files directory and will write results to ~/src/tests/results, which is deleted once the suite completes.



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