Npm package to configure mqtt in easy way without need for duplicated code
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$ cnpm install @createview/mqtt-manager 
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Npm package to configure mqtt in easy way without need for duplication code

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`npm install @createview/mqtt-manager


// lets make a json config file like this :

  "connection": "mqtt://'",
  "publication": {
    "Greeting B" :  "Greeting B",
    "Bye B" :  "Bye B"
    "Greeting A" : "Greeting A",
    "Bye A" :   "Bye A"

Here is a way of using it. You can also try npm run testA and npm run testB is this order

'use strict'
const MqttManager = require('./index.js')
const mqttconfig = require('./configA')
// define the functions to trig on messages
function displayGreeting (msg, data, mqttService) {
  // can send other message
  mqttService.publish(mqttconfig.publication['Greeting B'], 'Hello B')

function displayBye (msg, data, mqttService) {
  // can send other message
  mqttService.publish(mqttconfig.publication['Bye B'], 'bye byeB ')

let actions = [

// add actions on subscriptions
actions.push({topic: mqttconfig.subscription['Bye A'], func: displayBye})
actions.push({topic: mqttconfig.subscription['Greeting A'], func: displayGreeting})

// create a new Mqttmanager
let mqttService = new MqttManager()

// Sett he config
mqttService.setup(mqttconfig, actions)


npm test


PS : the packages was previously named @createview/mqtt-service I am very sorry for the desagrement caused by the remove of this package from Npm. I prefered to delete it after 24 h to put a good name on it :)

The package needs improvement



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