CreateJS's central build and development process.
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$ cnpm install @createjs/build 
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This package serves as the master build process for transpiling and bundling the CreateJS source code for distribution. It is installed as a dependency to each library and as such is designed to run from within the node_modules directory.

Individual library builds are run from the respective library packages. Combined builds are meant for CDN distribution and are run from the CreateJS package.


Tasks within this package are run via npm scripts in the library packages. Here is a summary of tasks that this package can run:

npm run build -- [--production] [--combined] [--format=cjs,iife]
  • transpile and bundle ES2015+ source to ES5 via Rollup & Babel
  • --production iife build is minified
  • --combined from CreateJS package for combined builds
  • --format specify which Rollup bundle formats to export, defaults to all
npm run plugins -- [--production] [--format=cjs,iife] [--files=FileName]
  • transpile ES2015+ plugin source to ES5 via Rollup & Babel
  • --production iife build is minified
  • --format specify which bundle formats to export, 'module' is disabled
  • --files only transpile specific files (no file extension)
npm run dev
  • transpile and bundle ES2015+ source to ES5 via Rollup & Babel
  • non-minified, includes sourcemaps
  • only bundles iife module as that is what is imported by examples
  • starts a browser-sync instance for testing examples and tutorials
  • watches source files for changes, re-compiling and reloading browser
npm run lint
  • lint source code with ESLint
  • uses the same config as the CI on GitHub, for local checks before committing
npm test
  • uses Jest to run tests on spec files found in the tests/ folder
  • each library extends the master Jest config and setup file found in the build repo

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