sfdx plugin for executing various tasks using browser automation

this package has been deprecated. Use sfdx-browserforce-plugin instead.
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$ cnpm install @amtrack/sfdx-browserforce-plugin 
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sfdx plugin for executing various tasks using browser automation

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$ sfdx plugins:install @amtrack/sfdx-browserforce-plugin


$ sfdx browserforce --help
Usage: sfdx browserforce:COMMAND

Help topics, type sfdx help TOPIC for more details:

 browserforce:shape  commands for shape
$ sfdx browserforce:shape --help
sfdx browserforce:shape commands: (get help with sfdx help browserforce:shape:COMMAND)
 browserforce:shape:apply  apply an org shape
$ sfdx browserforce:shape:apply --help
Usage: sfdx browserforce:shape:apply

apply an org shape

 -f, --definitionfile DEFINITIONFILE  path to a browserforce definition file
 -u, --targetusername TARGETUSERNAME  username for the target org

help text for browserforce:shape:apply


Org Shape

Check and apply org shape for scratch orgs, sandboxes and production orgs

$ sfdx browserforce:shape:apply -f config/browserforce-shape-def.json -u myscratchorg

The schema of the config/browserforce-shape-def.json is similar to config/project-scratch-def.json.

"orgPreferences": {
    "enabled": [

Supported Org Preferences

Sharing Settings

  • ExternalSharing
  • CustomerPortal (Warning: cannot be disabled once enabled)

Planned Features (contributions welcome)

Org Preferences

General Settings

  • SalesforceToSalesforce

Live Agent Settings

  • LiveAgent

Account Settings

  • AccountSharedAccounts (Allow users to relate a contact to multiple accounts)

Contact Field History

  • ContactFieldHistory

Omni-Channel Settings

  • OmniChannel

Email-to-Case Settings

  • EmailToCase

Email to Salesforce

  • EmailToSalesforce

Entitlement Settings

  • MilestoneStoppedTime

Campaign Influence Settings

  • CampaignInfluence

Company Information

  "language": "English",
  "locale": "German.*Germany",
  "timezone": "Berlin",
  "workflowUser": "User User"

Changeset Management

Create outbound changesets from a given package.xml.

$ sfdx browserforce:changeset:create -f src/package.xml -u myscratchorg


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for getting started.



MIT © Matthias Rolke

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