ESLint config for Ackee javascript developers
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ESLint config Ackee

ESLint rules and settings common for Ackee javascript developers.

Table of contents

How to use

Install it yarn add -D @ackee/eslint-config

Create .eslintrc in your project:

    "env": {
        "browser": true
    "extends": ["ackee"]

Note: env section is optional, it depends on type of your project.


Using few rules differ for frontend and backend. Since backend developers have some specific needs for setting up the linter, there is backend config that extends base ackee config.

    "extends": ["ackee/backend"]

Overriding rules in backend specific config shouldn't be abused and should be kept at minimum.
We want to unify code style for backend and frontend as much as possible!



Uses plugins


To discuss

You can find current rules to discuss at github issues page.

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